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My first blog September 10, 2008

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Being a mother of two boys (twins) and working at the same time is really a tough 24/7 job…but i come to get a hand of it, especially with my father at the side…He really came handy…well, we’re still in my father’s house and but hopefully by next year have our own place. How do other moms juggle work and home? They all have their usual yaya but me i have none…I go to work every morning till 5pm, during weekdays and i only have 2 days of rest (if you want to call it a rest), and after office, I’ll attend to my very cute and oh so active little darlings…My dilemma now is how can I send them to school? Well I know that at the very young age of three they should be in pre-school, but budget wise,,,i don’t think so! (well, in short, i have no money for that) I’m just hoping that by the end of this year I can find Yamashita’s treasure (just kidding!)… Well that’s just about a little something about me…Let’s get into business… I have a story i would like to share that happened to me just this morning…

I was off to the office when I saw my Uncle rushing and looking for something…I asked him if he’s leaving and said no, and that he was just looking for his cell phone he lost on his way to the school of his grandchild. Not knowing what to say, I just went on and wished for myself that he could find it again…( but honestly, i’m not counting on it!)

When I’m about to ride the jeepney (I’ll have my own car in a few years, i wish!), I saw him approaching me and with all smiles he said I found it! I asked where and he told me that a pedicab driver returned it to him after it fell off his pants.

I was so happy that I smiled too (with wide grin and jumping heart) I wasn’t expecting it to be returned, I was so negative that I thought that if somebody have seen it they would just keep it for themselves…well, I was so wrong, wrong about judging other people. (May mabuting tao pa pala sa mundo!) 🙂

The end…(kala nyo mag sesermon pako noh?!) 🙂


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